Find YOUR Target Patients. At Scale. Cost Effectively.

Our patented, HIPAA-compliant Micro-Neighborhood® segmentation and targeting platform leverages robust evidence-based data to provide your brand with the most effective, privacy-safe way to reach your patients and their healthcare practitioners (HCPs) across channels with exceptional audience quality.

The Medicx Product Portfolio

Medicx HIPAA-Compliant Solutions Reach Both Patients And HCPs

Regardless of where your target exists along the patient journey, the Medicx segmentation and targeting platform and Micro-Neighborhood® data empower your brand to hyper-locally target patients and HCPs at scale across channels, devices, and screens.


Medicx is a Healthcare Marketing Solutions Company that...

Finds YOUR Target Patients Through Data & Analytics

Medicx targets hyperlocal areas where YOUR patients are using patented privacy-by-design Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting while maintaining patient privacy and HIPAA compliance.

At Scale Across Channels

We deliver your brand’s message across multiple channels to maximize scale across digital, advanced TV, and 1:1 permission-based email and direct mail.

Cost Effectively with Strong Audience Quality

Medicx delivers value to your brand through a materially lower cost per diagnosed patient. Relative to Medicx, the cost to reach diagnosed patient is 2X to 40X higher with other vendors.


of US dispensed prescriptions and the largest source of physician office and clinic medical claims


Hyperlocal areas profiled across the U.S.


Unique email opt-ins


Prescription and medical claims on an annual basis

Medicx Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting Platform

Our patented, HIPAA-compliant targeting platform is the most granular, privacy-safe way to find YOUR target patients and HCPs by leveraging health data. This anonymized intelligence includes evidence-based data such as diagnoses, procedures, and prescriptions, as well as self-reported, and other data.

With Medicx, you reach hyperlocal areas where your patients and practitioners of interest are located, not merely a group of look-alikes who possibly have the condition of interest.



  • Regular third-party audit for risk re-identification determination assessments (RRID)
  • Data is managed in a closed, controlled environment
  • Access limited to personnel with extensive HIPAA and data security training

Exceptional Audience Quality

  • Optimize not only for online metrics, but also for audience quality
  • This metric is the natural outcome of our Micro-Neighborhood® targeting approach
  • Unique ability to identify true evidence of a health condition

Geography & Prevalence Based

  • 35M+ hyperlocal areas profiled across the U.S.
  • Define bespoke audience segments based on your brand’s objectives
  • Subject matter experts skilled in the applications of medical, procedure, and prescription codes to define custom audiences

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