Why Medicx

Founded in 2006, medicx is a leading omnichannel technology marketing and analytics company. Trusted by over 61 pharmaceutical manufacturers, 154 brands, and over 35 world-class media agencies, medicx uses patented geo-targeting and HIPAA compliant deterministic ID resolution technologies to improve ROI on digital advertising programs. Our solutions for pharmaceutical campaign planning, execution, measurement, and optimization deliver brand impact by connecting the entire customer journey with an omnichannel engaged experience.

Shiny arrows driving showing how Medicx healthcare marketing solutions drive business forward
Medicx Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting Platform

Our patented, HIPAA-compliant segmentation and targeting platform powers all our solutions.

It is the most precise, privacy-safe way to reach audiences based on actual health data. With Medicx, you reach hyper-local areas where your patients and practitioners of interest are located, not merely a group of look-alikes who possibly have the condition of interest.

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Superior Audience Quality

Our ability to locate patients based on actual evidence of a health condition defines the Medicx competitive edge.

Building high-quality audience engagement is at the core of our value proposition.

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Medicx is 100% committed to compliance with HIPAA and other privacy laws in all aspects of its business.

Privacy and brand safety have been core to the company's DNA since our inception.

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The Medicx Leadership Team

With hundreds of years of collective experience in the life sciences industry,

Medicx leadership brings a wealth of cross-functional knowledge and deep connections to each campaign and brand partnership.

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Our Culture

We are team players at Medicx. We believe in three indispensable virtues we all strive to embody every day–humble, hungry, and people-smart. These powerful principles outlined in Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Ideal Team Player, inform everything we do.


Lacking excessive ego or concerns about status, Medicx team members point out the contributions of others rather than seek attention for our own. We define success collectively rather than individually.


We are always looking for more. More things to do. More to learn. More responsibility. Hungry people are constantly thinking about the next step and the next opportunity.


We have common sense about people and know what is happening in group situations. Medicx employees have intuition around the subtleties of group dynamics and the impact of our words and actions.