Analyze Your Category for Shifts in the Patient Journey:
Impact of Telemedicine

As a pharmaceutical marketer, it is critical for you to understand the dynamic trends in patients’ interactions with physicians and therapy selection.

For example, consider the rise of telemedicine in recent months. Multiple news and research reports have announced the rise in telemedicine usage during the coronavirus pandemic. Telemedicine has enabled a way for patients to seek medical attention more rapidly and safely, and for physicians to maintain their practice volume. Insurers have also expanded their coverage of these online office visits.

However, digging below these surface trends, you need to understand how the rise in telemedicine is affecting your specific drug category. At Medicx, we have the in-house data assets and analytics specialists to help you answer the following business questions about your category:

  • How has the pandemic impacted patient visits to primary care physicians and specialists?
    • Have overall patient visits decreased?
    • What % of visits have switched to telemedicine?
  • Under telemedicine, are physicians more likely to refill current Rx, rather than switch medications?
  • What have the share changes been for drugs in your category?
  • Is prescribing of more innovative medication classes increasing or decreasing?
  • How do prescribing changes vary across your different physician specialties?
  • How do these dynamics vary by patient attributes, like age, gender, geography, or lifestyle?

Answering these questions will help you adjust marketing and promotional activities under this new pandemic reality. Medicx can provide answers with category-specific analyses leveraging our anonymized, patient-level prescription and medical claims data. Our reports and insights comparing the most recent months vs. pre-pandemic times and suggest trends for the future.

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