Your Guide to Smart Year-End Media Spending

As fourth-quarter approaches, your brand may find itself with money to spend before the end of the calendar year. At the same time, many media costs rise during this period of time. Here’s how to analyze your brand to target Q4 budget windfalls appropriately.

Healthcare Site Traffic Dips

There’s a predictable pattern to most healthcare site traffic during the last three months of the year. We can use search activity as a proxy to project the overall traffic to health content on endemic sites. The graph below represents Google search traffic for four popular health terms for the full-year 2018. A double V pattern appears, especially with depression and diabetes in this case, as many people pay less attention to their chronic conditions and instead enjoy some much-needed holiday relaxation and fun.

Source: Google Trends, US 2018 Web Search

Although hypertension and migraine searches appear to be steadier, the relative dip is just as significant, if we ‘zoom in’ on those stats. Not all conditions follow this pattern, though. You can see above that in addition to the 4Q decline, ‘depression’ has fewer seekers in the summer months. And Alzheimer’s disease has a reverse spike, presumably because people are more likely to see their older relatives at this time of year. Try out the Google Trends tool to see the pattern of a condition that is important to your work.

They Are Keeping an Eye on the Ball

While the holidays serve as a distraction from the usual levels of online traffic, health consumers still need to take care of themselves during these months. Also, open insurance enrollment, spending FAS account balances, and extra time away from work making it easier to visit the doctor means that the topic of health is still on their minds. And they should be open to advertising messages when they are online. A look at your month over month TRx numbers is one excellent way to see what happens for your brand or brand category.

Non-Endemic Sites are the Solution

So, the typical pattern in the fourth quarter is 1) fewer health seekers online, but 2) TRx remains steady or increases. If this applies to you, buying digital media can be effective, but it is important to consider placing your media outside of your usual stable of endemic health sites.

“We are still able to reach our clients’ targets during the fourth quarter because we have the expertise to tap into inventory on relevant non-endemic sites,” says Noel Webb, Medicx Media VP of Digital Media & Targeting Solutions.

Let us show you how our analytics-driven healthcare marketing solutions can help impact your bottom line at the end of this year.