Medicx 101: Digital Media Measurement

Over the last couple months, we’ve written a series of Medicx 101 articles. We started with our media targeting products and have taken you through how we find your target audiences at scale and across channels. In the past month we introduced a new offering that will help you understand your campaign performance. In this installment of our Medicx 101 series, we will be talking about our new approach to media measurement: AdLift Rx.

Many of you have been telling us that you want more from your campaign measurement solutions; you want more actionable insights that drive value. With the ever increasing demands to do more with less, people are looking for a measurement solution that informs them on how to spend marketing budgets most efficiently. At Medicx, we believe that digital media measurement should be an area of constant innovation; which is why we developed our new solutions.

As a pharmaceutical marketer, your job is becoming more complex and multi-faceted, and you need to answer multiple questions about your campaign:

  • WHO are you reaching? Making sure you are reaching your intended targets. Investing more in media audiences, that deliver your brand message to more targets. Checking if your reach aligns with your market research results based on health habits, socio economics, and attitudes.
  • WHAT actions are they taking? Are your target patients taking the right actions after they see your promotion? Are they visiting the right specialists? Are they getting tested for your condition? Ultimately, are they receiving a prescription for your brand?
  • WHY are they responding? Are certain patient traits increasing responses? Do you have the right impression frequency? Is managed care coverage a barrier?

By answering these questions, you can use these insights to continually optimize mid-campaign and drive more value for your brand. Through our new solution, AdLift Rx, we have developed a state-of-the-art platform that helps you understand the answers to these critical questions.

AdLift Rx links your media campaign exposure data, in a privacy-safe HIPAA-compliant method, to deep de-identified patient-level data, including medical claims and prescription transactions. This match is also supplemented with integrated consumer level attributes that can provide additional insights.

This method helps provide unique insights that drive value and efficiency for your brand, all in a visually appealing dashboard. On top of that, and more, AdLift Rx also delivers rigorous analyses that drive results for your brand.

Our AdLift Rx offering is part of a complete closed-loop marketing platform from Medicx that uses consistent medical data at all stages: segmentation and media planning, in-market activation, and measurement.

To learn more about AdLift Rx or to request a demonstration, speak with your Medicx representative or visit the AdLift Rx webpage.