Medicx 101: Targeting Cost Effectively

Over the last few installments of our Medicx 101 series, we have taken you through the first two pillars of our Micro-Neighborhood® targeting value proposition: how to find your target patients and deliver your brand’s message to these patients at scale (across multiple channels). This article will outline our third and final pillar: the cost-effectiveness of our approach.

By using Micro-Neighborhood® targeting, you can maximize the value of your marketing dollars and ensure they are used to reach your audience cost effectively. The best way for us to show this value is to describe some specific (blinded) client situations.

Digital Efficiency at Scale

A pharma brand was looking to target patients with a respiratory illness with a population of 1.5M. This was a high value brand indicated for high-severity patients within a common condition.

We developed and targeted multiple audience segments through a digital advertising campaign. We also optimized the campaign based on the audience quality results we received. In the end, Medicx delivered a cost per diagnosed patient of <$1, nearly 1/6 the cost compared to another similar partner. Additionally, the cost per new patient start was 1/4 of the cost of others. In the end, the campaign delivered an ROI that was conservatively estimated at least 8:1[1], a very cost-effective outcome.

Performance in ATV

Another pharma brand wanted to target patients with a GI condition. The brand faced two challenges. One was the variety of OTC and generic treatments available to its audiences. The other was that diagnosis for the condition is often delayed because patients don’t realize their symptoms are actually treatable.

Because of the challenges faced by the brand, Medicx worked with the team to create custom audience segments based on brand challenges and campaign goals. The brand message was then delivered through Addressable TV over four and a half months. The custom Medicx audiences delivered audience quality at 5x the national benchmark. Reaching the right patients was important. The next step was to understand how those qualified patients visited their doctors to get a prescription for the brand. Ultimately, the campaign produced a new patient start rate of 60% above the control group and delivered an ROI of 2.5:1[1].

This campaign was very cost-effective, both in terms of return on the investment, and also in terms of the absolute investment in an addressable TV campaign. As a reminder, with ATV, you are using data, in this case Micro-Neighborhood® data, to target only relevant HHs, which reduces your overall investment, ensures you reach the right patients, and delivers a compelling ROI. This is why our clients worked with us on this campaign.

These are just examples of campaigns Medicx has delivered over the years, with cost-effective outcomes for brands. We’ve developed extensive expertise in media targeting and execution to deliver cost-effective outcomes for your brands. This includes unique abilities to optimize in real-time to deliver on our value proposition.

This is the final segment of our Medicx 101 series on our media targeting and activation value proposition. Remember, Medicx finds YOUR target patients (using data and analytics), at scale (across multiple channels), cost effectively (with a compelling cost per qualified patient).

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[1] Measured by IQVIA, 2019