Medicx 101: Targeting Patients At Scale, Across Channels

In the second installment of our Medicx 101 series, we covered how we utilize our data insights to help find your target patients, but that is just the first step to a successful campaign. Targeting the right patient does nothing if you are not targeting them through the right channels.

It’s no surprise that in today’s world people are connected wherever they go. From computers to phones to tablets to smart TVs, there is always a way to reach people. A study published by Deloitte found that US households have an average of 11 connected devices, including seven smart screens on which to view content.

Medicx has access to various channels to make sure your message not only reaches the right audiences but reaches them across channels. We offer multiple media channels that fit your brand goal and targeting needs. Our patient targeting capabilities can be deployed via digital, advanced TV (which includes addressable and connected television) and 1:1 permission-based channels (such as email and direct mail).


A digital campaign should be part of the foundation of any brand’s marketing plan, and with access to over 108M IP addresses and 633M device IDs and cookies, Medicx makes it easy to reach your audience. With our digital channel offerings, you can deploy you message through display, online video, mobile and digital audio.  We reach your patients where they are spending their time when they are available to receive your brand message.

Powered by our Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting platform, our digital campaigns deliver a greater level of precision and efficiency, thereby eliminating significant waste and delivering superior audience quality.

Advanced TV

Historically, traditional linear TV advertising has required large scale budgets, resulting in lot of wasted dollars. As advertisers continue to look for more cost-effective ways to target consumers on TV, the ability to show different ads to different households has become an essential marketing tool. Medicx has partnered with top TV providers to combine our Micro-Neighborhood® targeting with their access of over 64M addressable TV households to allow you to deploy your message to only those patients that have evidence of your condition, thus eliminating wasted impressions.

With the rise of Smart TVs, streaming services and subscription-based TV platforms like Amazon Fire TV, Hulu and YouTube TV, it is no surprise that connected TV usage is growing. With access to over 72M CTV subscribers across CTV partners such as Hulu, Roku and SpotX, Medicx can deliver your message to consumers through various streaming channels and devices.

Medicx’s addressable and connected TV offerings provide your brand with the ability to cost effectively deliver the right ad to the right person while they are watching TV.

1:1 Permission Based

The best types of audiences are the ones that are truly interested in your product, and with Medicx, you can communicate directly with consumers who want to hear from you. Through our permission-based products, you can target patients who have provided us with an affirmative expressed consent opt-in granting us full permission to target them one-to-one. With access to over 130M unique email opt-ins, 196M unique postal opt-ins and 275 lifestyle attributes across 90 health conditions, we have the right audience that fits your brand target profile.

With our permission-based offerings, you can personalize your message and focus your marketing investment on reaching those who have expressed they want to hear from you.

Many people continue to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This unique situation could create an opportunity to distinguish your brand through direct mail by reaching these relevant targets that are spending more time at home.  It also allows you to build your share of voice in a channel that is underutilized in today’s digital age.

Whether you want a broader targeting strategy, or a direct 1:1 strategy, we have the products that will help reach your brand goals.

Be on the lookout for the final installment of our Medicx 101 series, where we show how we target your patients cost effectively.