Medicx Benchmarks Neighborhoods With Greatest Potential To Be At-Risk For Coronavirus-Related Health Complications

Patented geography-based segmentation platform identifies U.S. neighborhoods with high-risk patients that could require additional healthcare resources

Scottsdale, AZ – March 30, 2020 – For more than thirteen years, Medicx Media Solutions ( has used its patented segmentation platform to successfully deliver therapeutic solutions to the right patients. Now, when helping people stay healthy is more important than ever, Medicx is also leveraging its unique data assets and patented hyperlocal segmentation platform to provide critical benchmarking and data insights to assist during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Based upon the latest reported information, the following comorbidities may worsen the outcome of infection for patients with COVID-19 (coronavirus): cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, hypertension, and cancer.1 Medicx analyzed its Micro-Neighborhood® benchmark data and identified neighborhoods in several states where the prevalence of at-risk patients is high, which could worsen COVID-19 patient outcomes and challenge local healthcare resources.

“It’s become increasingly clear that certain health conditions influence the fatality rate for patients infected with COVID-19. With Medicx real-world benchmarking data, these insights can help the government, healthcare facilities, and workers understand potential hot spot areas that could especially benefit from public health messaging, where patients may need to take extra precautions and resources may need to be assigned,” said Michael Weintraub, RPh. and Medicx CEO.

High-Level Insights
While coronavirus-related health data continue to make their way into the U.S. data ecosystem, and government and business leaders look for ways to address the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) including measures such as new self-quarantine orders in place for U.S. travelers entering states such as Texas and Florida, these health conditions serve as a strong proxy for people at the greatest risk should they test positive. Medicx neighborhood-level benchmarking data compiles real-world evidence-based data to allow us to identify neighborhoods that may require additional healthcare resources and more vigilant social distancing.

For illustration purposes, Medicx analyzed two states in very different stages of the COVID-19 spectrum. First, they evaluated all 716,533 neighborhoods in Arizona, a state that currently ranks 22nd for the number of confirmed Coronavirus COVID-19 cases2 and the home to the company headquarters. 15-37% of Arizona neighborhoods presented with one of the high-risk conditions. Second, they evaluated all 1,816,059 neighborhoods in New York state, home to the current U.S. pandemic epicenter and where the company has its east coast office. 21-42% of the neighborhoods in New York state presented with one of the high-risk conditions.

Medicx calculations surfaced these insights regarding the prevalence of the comorbidities that the CDC reports may worsen the outcome of infection for patients with COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Chart showing analysis of 716,533 neighborhoods in Arizona.

Chart showing analysis of 1,816,059 neighborhoods in New York state.

Leveraging these insights in areas of high COVID-19 prevalence may help stakeholders make decisions around resource allocation and help educate patients on pandemic-related public health best practices. A focus on high-risk patients could improve health outcomes by minimizing their risk of infection. This same patented segmentation analysis can also be applied to any other US states, as needed.

The Medicx Approach
Medicx Media’s unrivaled capabilities are based on a signature analytical approach and expertise in systematically identifying neighborhoods with relevant patients across the U.S. This ability is unique to Medicx because of the granularity of the firm’s data and the patented Micro-Neighborhood® segmentation platform.

The Medicx team leveraged in-depth pharmacological knowledge and data expertise to determine the neighborhood prevalence insights for these health conditions. The process included determining the medical codes (e.g., ICD-10s), procedures, and medical treatments that define each condition. The definitions allow Medicx to identify all the neighborhoods where there is evidence of each condition of interest.

About Medicx Media Solutions
Medicx Media Solutions ( provides neighborhood-level prevalence benchmarks and other insights using analytics around real-world health data and self-reported consumer data to improve intelligence and performance for life sciences and healthcare companies in the U.S. Applying a patented and HIPAA-compliant geography-based segmentation methodology, Medicx benchmarks nearly 35MM neighborhoods across the U.S. by analyzing large volumes of real-world data. The outcome is an unmatched method of locating and engaging the right audiences in a privacy-safe manner.


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