Medicx Health Announces Upgrades to AdLift Rx

Expanded capabilities allow for deeper insights across more channels

Scottsdale, AZ – May 16, 2022 – Medicx Health, today, announces the launch of AdLift Rx 3.0. The industry-leading offering includes several upgrades to its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Built for life science digital marketers and Agency of Record analysts, AdLift Rx is a SaaS based platform that delivers the most cost-effective and transparent actionable analytics with a deep understanding of patients as consumers so they can execute impactful campaigns with high ROI. Consequently, clients can do more with less because Medicx precision targeting and rapid insights based on Real World Evidence (RWE) and consumer data can improve efficiency in healthcare marketing and provide direction to unfocused budgeting debates.

AdLift Rx combines the power of RWE data and the ability to measure a wide array of promotional channels-all in one place. In addition, its flexible features offer “bring your own data” to the platform to combine with Medicx RWE and consumer data to offer additional insights on the campaigns.

One key upgrade to AdLift Rx is the ability to measure and data-driven TV formats including Addressable Television (ATV) and Connected Television (CTV). Marketers continue to have the ability to measure multiple digital publishers and channels for campaigns- all in one place – with industry-leading visualization. This new capability will allow clients to access in-depth insights on any campaign across any digital publisher or channel.

The AdLift Rx SaaS platform leverages cookie-based and cookieless approaches using emerging technologies and innovative methods with industry leading partners for identity resolution in digital measurement.

Additional features for AdLift Rx include:

  • Consumer profiles (personas) and healthcare utilization analyses and insights to help drive and optimize creative and media planning
  • Publisher overlap analysis
  • In-depth physician visitation data across multiple specialties
  • Downloadable detailed data, which users can access to integrate with their own data and/or conduct their own analyses
  • Strong visual platform that provides a clear understanding of campaign performance and recommended optimizations

AdLift Rx is a core component of the Medicx Health Closed-Loop Marketing Solution. The development of these new features showcases Medicx’s commitment to exploring new technologies, software, channels and features to constantly deliver additional value to clients.

About Medicx Health

Medicx Health provides commercialization data and analytics software and services that enable pharmaceutical and healthcare brands to access unique commercial insights to plan and profile, reach, engage and measure with target audiences and maximize the value of marketing investments. To learn more visit


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