Medicx Launches Medicx Profiler

Medicx Profiler will give clients patient personas with in-depth analyses of their target audiences

Scottsdale, AZ – August 3, 2021 – Medicx Health today announces the launch of Medicx Profiler. With Medicx Profiler, pharmaceutical marketers will gain greater insight and clarity as to who their target patients are, not just as patients, but also as consumers.

Medicx Profiler allows pharmaceutical marketers to truly connect with their current or prospective patient community. Marketers must know who they are trying to connect with and must understand them. Medicx Profiler allows them to create patient persona’s so they profile their audiences as patients, and as consumers.

With the insights gained from Medicx Profiler, which include patient health attribute data, demographics, lifestyles, attitudes and media preferences, clients will have an in-depth understanding of who their patients are. These insights can then guide future planning, creative development, channel allocation, target execution and much more.

Michael Weintraub, CEO of Medicx Health commented that “with Medicx Profiler, now there is a way to ensure a pharmaceutical marketer’s ideal patient receives a targeted message that will encourage, nurture and convert them. It’s a weapon to reach patients with individualized and relevant messages.”

Lauren Jacobson, Group Director Performance Acceleration at Initiative, stated “Medicx has brought value beyond audience development with great innovation in Closed Loop Measurement and holistic planning tools, such as Medicx Profiler. Now looking to 2022 planning I can’t imagine Medicx not having a seat at the table!”

The launch of Medicx Profiler marks the third innovative product launched in the last year. It completes the suite of products in the Medicx Closed-Loop offering that allows marketers to plan, execute and measure marketing campaigns using consistent data assets throughout the entire process. To learn more about Medicx Profiler, contact your Medicx Health client partner or visit our website.

About Medicx Health

Founded in 2006, Medicx is a leading provider of software and technology-enabled data driven services for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries providing a unique suite of SaaS solutions, data management and media capabilities, proprietary data, and analytics to plan, activate, optimize, and measure marketing performance for its customers.

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