Physician Referral Networks for Competitive Specialty Products

As a pharmaceutical company competing within a specialty therapeutic category, you need to reach the right healthcare professionals. In particular, you need to educate specialists with experience prescribing relevant medications in your sub-category, and who receive referrals in high volumes from primary care physicians. Consider for example, if you are launching a new biologic drug for a gastrointestinal or dermatological disorder. Whether your channel is sales representatives, or digital non-personal promotion, your success depends upon engaging highly referred specialists treating patients who need your therapy.

Medicx can help you pinpoint the priority specialists by creating referral networks specific to your disease category and patient profile. We leverage our extensive anonymized patient-level longitudinal data and advanced analytics modeling to extract referral patterns within medical claims and prescription transactions. These patterns are based upon high volumes of patients fitting the diagnosis and treatment profile matching your drug indications, and who have been seen by a primary care physician, followed shortly thereafter by a specialist consultation.

Our resulting Referral Network Reports can be customized to your specific therapeutic subcategory, patient profile, and competitive market basket. These insights will provide specific guidance for future HCP promotional optimization.

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