Audience-Based TV Buying

Addressable TV

The precision of Medicx Micro-Neighborhood® targeting and the flexibility and relevance of addressable television are a powerful combination. As advertisers continue to look for ways to complement their more traditional large-scale TV buys, the ability to show different ads to different households, or even different family members within a household, has an essential marketing tool. When you supercharge that addressability with the granularity of Micro-Neighborhood® data, you get incredible results.

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Why Use Medicx Addressable TV

By combining the unmatched reach of television with the precision of Medicx Micro-Neighborhood® targeting, Medicx’s Addressable TV provides life sciences and health brand marketers the ability to deliver the right ad to the right person when they are watching TV.

Large Audience

~60M Addressable Households available through Medicx MVPD partners

Time Spent Watching TV Is High

Average HH spends 3:35/day watching TV; 2nd highest after digital1

Be Where Other Pharma Brands Are

ATV allows your brand to be on TV, which historically required very large investments2

Benefits of Medicx Addressable TV

Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting

Patented hyperlocal targeting platform that leverages our proprietary evidence-based and self-identified data at HIPAA-compliant hyper-local geographic levels

Premium Inventory

Ads run with popular TV shows and movies


Reach YOUR target patients without the waste of traditional TV

AQ & ROI Measurement

Ensure you are reaching YOUR target patients and understand the return on your investment

Case Study: Audience Quality in ATV

A number of case studies are available including this one in which the percentage of exposed consumers who were diagnosed or treated with a competitive Rx was 70% higher than the national index.


Addressable TV Partners

Medicx Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting Platform

Our patented, HIPAA-compliant targeting platform is the most granular, privacy-safe way to find YOUR target patients and HCPs by leveraging health data. This anonymized intelligence includes evidence-based data such as diagnoses, procedures, and prescriptions, as well as self-reported, and other data.

With Medicx, you reach hyperlocal areas where your patients and practitioners of interest are located, not merely a group of look-alikes who possibly have the condition of interest.



  • Regular third-party audit for risk re-identification determination assessments (RRID)
  • Data is managed in a closed, controlled environment
  • Access limited to personnel with extensive HIPAA and data security training

Exceptional Audience Quality

  • Optimize not only for online metrics, but also for audience quality
  • This metric is the natural outcome of our Micro-Neighborhood® targeting approach
  • Unique ability to identify true evidence of a health condition

Geography & Prevalence Based

  • 35M+ hyperlocal areas profiled across the U.S.
  • Define bespoke audience segments based on your brand’s objectives
  • Subject matter experts skilled in the applications of medical, procedure, and prescription codes to define custom audiences
Medicx Ad Specifications

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