Profiling & Segmentation

Guide your omnichannel marketing planning with more holistic information

Delivering relevant and timely information to the right patients increases the likelihood that pharmaceutical marketers can maximize brand impact. When profiling is based on integrated privacy-safe, HIPAA compliant data assets, digital advertising provides more cost effective opportunities to reach, educate, and convert people who will benefit the most from their brands. This is especially true for oncology and rare diseases whose brands require targeting especially specific populations.

Let’s talk about how Medicx can provide insights on your target patients.

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Profiling & Segmentation with Greater Certainty

Precise patient profiles developed for iterative planning and the ability to measure and optimize campaigns in real-time.

Determine motivators and differentiating features of the audience

Develop a robust treatment profile including comorbidities, risk factors, line of therapy, HCP specialty, treatment patterns, and referrals

Understand Patients as Consumers

Precisely link data between patient and consumer identities & lifestyle preference data to strategically target patients without compromising patient privacy.

Leverage Deterministic ID Resolution

Combining deterministic ID resolution & geo-specificity, reach a diversity of patients who will truly benefit – not just the ones represented in lookalike models or email outreach campaigns.

Benefits of Medicx Profiler

Closed & Open Panel Healthcare Claims

HCPs, Insurance Plans, Pharmacy and Medical Claims Transactions, Pharmacies, IDC-10, NPT codes, CPT codes, healthcare locations, HCPCs/J-codes

Patient & Consumer Attributes

In addition to lifestyle preferences, reporting on Patient Journey, Health Care Provider Interactivity, and Payer Access providing a more holistic view of brand eligible patients.

Medicx makes it easier

Medicx has a vast warehouse of integrated medical and consumer data streamlining the profiling process, and making it far more cost effective. Our team has the domain expertise and digital experience to guide your omnichannel program to success.