Michael Weintraub

Founder & CEO

Besides Michael’s passion for pushing the envelope while building and running Medicx, he loves spending time with his family and his dogs. Michael also devotes an equal amount of time to his other passion, living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Prior to starting Medicx Health, Michael was Executive Vice President and GM for Wolters Kluwer Health (now Symphony Health).

He served in numerous roles at NDCHealth from Executive Vice President of Sales for the Information Management Solutions unit, to the architect, creator and General Manager for NDC’s Retail Pharmacy Informatics group. Michael is recognized as a leader in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry’s application of anonymous patient level data for sales compensation, targeting, marketing research, and media insights and analytics. Michael received his B.S. in Pharmacy from University of Arizona, and served as an Adjunct Professor of Pharmacy at the University of Arizona, College of Pharmacy in his earlier years and has published numerous articles and was a subject matter expert speaker at numerous conferences in the U.S. and abroad.