Comprehensive Data Delivered in Compliance-grade Solutions. Neighborhood by Neighborhood.

Data and compliance are at the heartbeat of our business. From medical claims to consumer preferences to social determinants of health, our clients get value from the most comprehensive audiences for end-to-end campaign management in the industry.

As the data privacy landscape evolves, Medicx is committed to the ethical use of data and the privacy and safety of medical information. 

Robust de-identified patient & consumer data are at the foundation
of an engaged experience. 




Rx & Mx Claims


Pharmacies / Specialty


IDC-10 Codes


CPT Codes


HCPCS / J Codes


De-identified Patients > 18 YO

  • 150K National Drug Codes (NDCs)
  • 115K Healthcare Locations
  • 3000 Tracked Insurance Plans

Engagement across channels adheres to
strict privacy & compliance regulations

Patient & Consumer Attributes

Medicx uses a privacy-safe process in the use of exposure and healthcare data including expert determination and privacy-by-design redactions & reporting rules. Derive value from:

  • Consumer Demographic Profiles: Lifestyle & Interest Data

  • Patient Journey Reporting: HCP Visit, Diagnosis, Testing & Treatment
  • Health Care Provider Interactivity Reporting: Referring HCP, Attending HCP, Rendering HCP & Facility Place of Service

  • Payer Access Reporting

Engagement across channels adheres to strict privacy & compliance regulations

  • 3rd Party HIPAA Certification

  • Data Safe & Compliant Environment
  • Privacy By Design Methodology
  • Audience Attributes
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Approved

3rd Party HIPAA Certification

  • Conducted every 12 months to ensure data and associated processes cannot result in patient re-identification.
  • Complies with new State Privacy laws including WA, CA, VA, UT, CT

Data Safe & Compliant Environment

Separate staging and production environments. All steps are performed in a staging environment by a select few privacy & data security trained staff prior to being pushed to production.

Privacy By Design Methodology

Examples include removing hyperlocal groups where population thresholds are not met, where sensitive diagnosis minimum thresholds are not met, or outside of the United States.


Medicx uses only anonymous de-identified data aggregated over 36 months to identify target hyperlocal groups. We do not use any individual or user-level information.

Profiling/Targeting Campaign Analytics

  • Privacy certified open & closed panel data sets with up to 5 years of history
  • Minimum data aggregations applied
  • Sensitive conditions, places of service, procedures, & revenue codes redacted per annual privacy certification process


Medicx has privacy processes reviewed and approved by legal teams in Top 20 pharmaceutical companies.

It’s complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s talk about how Medicx can help speed time to value and compliance.

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