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Health Media and the Equity Conversation from MM+M Media Summit 2023

Access to preventative diagnostics and care yields better health outcomes. But when access is an issue, the likelihood of finding out a diagnosis later in the disease stage is much higher. Imagine getting diagnosed with advanced breast cancer but never having received a mammogram. It’s just one example of the country’s embarrassing lack of health access, which is not a new problem. Yet prior to the pandemic, even health-centric media outlets seemed to brushed it aside. This panel, featuring Medicx’s Chief Revenue Officer, Chad Gottfrid, will survey the broader health media’s progress — and lack thereof — over the last three years, examining its role and responsibility in confronting the epidemic of health inequity.

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How to Thrive in the Wild West of New Targeting Techniques and Regulations

In the current regulatory landscape, pharmaceutical marketers may be looking back fondly on the days when HIPAA and HITECH were the only laws related to data privacy. But that landscape is changing fast, triggered largely by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Where does this leave life sciences marketers? And what are the best tools and techniques to optically target patients and healthcare providers without running afoul of new regulations?

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