Effective: September 1, 2021

Revised: June 16, 2023

Companies using Medicx data for promotional purposes must have purchased such data from Medicx unless only using accurate data already found in the public domain through release by an authorized party, to include a Medicx website or press release and/or articles in the media. Non-clients must still comply with relevant usage guidelines below.


  • Clients or partners must notify and seek the approval of appropriate Medicx contacts before publishing any syndicated data.
  • Sharing of Medicx deliverables or products is expressly restricted by contract, including information regarding model scoring, deciling, rankings, etc.
  • Client or partners agree not to share login information to any Medicx cloud-based software including Medicx AdLift Rx™ suite of products; only explicitly permissioned licensees will access the software.
  • Any rankings or ratings must, where appropriate, mention the context, such as a therapeutic category, and must include proper data periods and measures.
  • Any expressly permitted disclosures of syndicated or proprietary measures, benchmarks or reports must be appropriately referenced as such through footnotes as coming from Medicx, with product specificity and the date (Month Year), if and as appropriate.
  • Any expressly permitted disclosures of syndicated or proprietary information to vendors or other relevant parties, such as publishers and healthcare communications companies, must be represented factually and within appropriate context of analyses.
  • Medicx reserves the right to share definitions and context with inquiring clients, partners and news media to clarify any perceived lack of transparency in public releases or other disclosures of data. Data transparency is essential for information disclosure and interested parties should be able to vet the validity behind public and other claims.
  • Medicx employees may not be quoted making promotional comments in client or partner press releases. Medicx executive leadership must authorize any specific exceptions. Medicx provides objective, third party measurement and does not endorse specific clients or tactics.
  • Clients or partners who wish to include a description of Medicx in press releases may do so using Medicx approved overview information.