Drive better value for your pharma advertisers. Neighborhood by neighborhood.

Drive the clinically and geo-specific audience quality that’s essential to grow your pharma advertising portfolio.

Improving patient and healthcare professional (HCP) audience targeting performance on media platforms can significantly enhance the effectiveness of pharmaceutical brand marketing efforts. And your bottom line. According to FiercePharma, Pharma has overtaken tech to become the second-largest industry for ad spending in 2023. There’s a lot of competition for pharma advertising dollars and the right data partner can help drive better audience performance for your existing business and drive new advertising dollars — while strictly adhering to privacy and compliance with current and emerging regulations. 

Clinically Specific Audience Segments in Days Not Weeks 

Pharma advertising spend is at an all-time high. And brand teams are looking at more innovative ways to reach consumers where they watch the content they love. But their criteria goes beyond demographics — they want to make the most of their ad spend by reaching an audience most likely to try their brand. Medicx has clinically specific audience segments targeting everything from broad categories like Type 2 Diabetes with comorbidities to rare diseases and cancers. And we can deliver them in days not weeks.  


Privacy-Safe Geo-Targeting Delivers Better Ad Relevance

Our unique patented Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting platform produces segments leveraged on real-world medical and prescription claims data. We identify hyper-local areas as granular as a 9-digit zip code where there is evidence within claims data of those patients that meet your advertiser’s specific brand parameters.

That translates into better ad performance and the competitive edge you need with growing channel options for advertising dollars. 


Faster Audience Delivery Without Jeopardizing Privacy and Compliance.

Unlike our competition, we have a variety of audience segments at the ready for fine-tuning and rapid turnaround. But it doesn’t stop there. We don’t dump segments and run. Our team of experts makes sure you’re satisfied with the results and offer ways to ensure you and your clients are maximizing their advertising spend.

When it comes to compliance, we are unmatched in the industry. State-by-state, neighborhood by neighborhood — Medicx’s methodology ensures your clients are reaching their target audience following existing and emerging privacy regulations. 


“I’m so grateful to the team at Medicx for staying on top of things and helping me exceed the expectations of my client. I needed an audience segment yesterday and the Medicx team delivered. And they didn’t disappear — they checked in to see how things were going. It’s hard to get that kind of service today.”
– Head of Advertising Sales,
Top 10 Media Publisher

It’s complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s talk about how Medicx can help drive better value for your pharma advertisers.

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