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Join industry leading peers in the Medicx ecosystem. 

Medicx works with a number of industry leading partners to deliver robust, compliant omnichannel marketing solutions to the pharmaceutical industry and media agencies. From medical data partners to innovative technology platforms, our clients benefit from the value of our trusted partner ecosystem.

Technology Partners

Medicx has been at the forefront of geo-targeting since 2006. With 2 patents and one pending for cookieless ID resolution, we’ve developed a privacy-safe, HIPAA compliant way to reach consumers neighborhood by neighborhood.

We partner with best-in-class technology companies to ensure state-of-the-art delivery and rigorous processes for compliance and privacy safeguards.  


Data Partners

Data is at the heartbeat of our business. From medical claims to consumer preferences to social determinants of health, our clients get value from the highest quality and most comprehensive audiences for advertising in the industry.

Medicx is a trusted partner ensuring rigorous confidentiality and relationship integrity.


Media Partners

To acquire and retain more pharmaceutical customers, it’s imperative to form strategic partnerships with domain savvy data providers that can expand your reach, attract and gain a competitive advantage with advertisers looking for high performance advertising solutions. Pharmaceutical advertisers are looking at a variety of content and publishing platforms to improve reaching relevant demographics and brand eligible patients to complement their more traditional advertising. 


"Madhive designed our industry-leading OTT product to simplify programmatic advertising while providing transparency & privacy protection at every step. We are excited to partner with Medicx to set a new standard in medical advertising.”
– Adam Helfgott, CEO,
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