Activate evidence-based brand eligible audiences. Micro-Neighborhood by Micro-Neighborhood.

Get an audience built precisely for your brand in days, not weeks.

Medicx’s patented Micro-Neighborhood® (MNT) platform provides a deterministic alternative to traditional approaches with a level of granularity down to hyper local clusters for geo-targeting. Rather than targeting patients based on lookalike audiences, brands can leverage Micro-Neighborhood targeting and our patent-pending deterministic ID resolution technology, MX#™. This powerful combination ensures ads reach and engage a diverse set of patients, regardless of where they live or their preferred media.

A level of specificity & scale to reach DTC & HCP audiences with precision.


Nielson® Designated
Marketing Areas (DMA)


Medicx Micro-Neighborhoods® 
(Zip 9s)


U.S. Zip Codes

Custom-built Clinically Specific Audiences

Medicx segments are built leveraging real-world medical and prescription claims data. We identify hyper-local areas as granular as a 9-digit zip code where there is of evidence within claims data of those patients that meet your brand’s parameters.
  • Medicx scores and ranks the postal codes based on strength and prevalence of “signals” from the health data elements matching the brand brief specifications. 
  • Ideal when regression or propensity profile models, AI, or machine learning aren’t required to create the highest quality audiences (AQ).


HIPAA Compliant. Privacy Safe. No PII.

Medicx holds two process patents for associating de-identified and tokenized patient prescription and medical claims data attributes to tokenized consumer-level data.

  • Medicx continues to monitor emerging regulations on healthcare data and advertising. The Micro-Neighborhood Platform comports with Washington state’s MHMDA & and other state regulations including Colorado, Connecticut, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Virginia. 


Activate on Your Own

  • Medicx develops custom audiences and your programmatic team executes the digital programmatic media buys 
  • Benefit from agency execution with Medicx expertise to drive strong offline performance 
  • Private marketplace (PMP) enabled — premium ad placement & brand safety 
  • Data CPM with first- or third-party delivery 
  • All channels including Digital (Display, OLV, Audio), ATV, CTV, Social and Direct Mail, Non-personal promotion (Email)


Let Medicx do the Heavy Lifting

The Medicx experts can be an extension of your team, managing all aspects of your digital programmatic investment leveraging years of experience and domain expertise.

  • Messages delivered on premium inventory associated with recognized sites audited by a trusted 3rd party.
  • Target patients with a clear understanding of where they spend their time across all online devices.
  • Work with a dedicated team focused on your success.

Our support doesn’t stop here. Our life sciences domain experts on the Medicx Analytics team is ready to help you measure and optimize your campaign.


“Huge thank you for always answering lengthy, complex, and time-sensitive questions. You’ve always been there to support our team and while Medicx segments perform amazing, it’s been your team and the customer service that has kept us coming back.”
– Director of Programmatic,
Top 5 Media Agency

It’s complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s talk about how Medicx can help deliver the most precise audiences in the industry.

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