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CASE STUDY: Transitioning to deterministic identity resolution: Why it’s imperative to improve reach of brand eligible patients as part of your omnichannel marketing program.

Pharmaceutical companies need to drive disease awareness, guide treatment options and establish their brand as the treatment of choice. However, most marketers underestimate the importance of content, message, and channel preferences of patient cohorts and their HCPs at key touchpoints of their health journey. The result is wasted spend engaging the wrong audience, a lack of conversion and failure to elevate script lift. Medicx can help across the campaign lifecycle.

Brand Campaign Planning

Whether it’s a new product launch, or a new brand entered your competitive market, or you want a more deterministic clinically-specific way to profile and segment an audience — the Medicx team is here to help. From sophisticated custom analytics to precision audiences by medical indication, your launch will be data-driven and calibrated throughout the campaign lifecycle.  

  • Consumer (HCP & DTC) Profiling
  • Segmentation
  • Micro-Neighborhood® Audiences
  • Predictive + Deterministic Audiences
  • Campaign Recommendations


Omnichannel Activation

With Medicx, you’ll reach and engage your audience across traditional and emerging channels at strategic touchpoints along the patient journey. Medicx is prepared to activate and measure your campaign performance with or without cookies. Need help? Our managed services team can handle all of your programmatic needs. Or have your agency take our deterministic custom audiences and execute programmatic media buys for you. We’re all about being flexible.  


Measurement & Optimization

Uncover insights that drive better engagement and treatment impact. The experienced, domain experts on the Medicx Analytics team will work closely with you on a conversion and ROI analysis plan explaining our findings and making recommendations along the way. Our team uses cutting edge methodologies including machine learning and AI to measure in-market results.  

    • Audience Quality & Lift Analysis 
    • Test vs Control Conversion 
    • Cross Channel Attribution/Drivers 
    • Media Marketing Mix


“It was a pleasure working with the Medicx team. The resulting models produced excellent F1 and AUC scores that supported the robustness of our process, approach and modeling choices. The outcomes will direct micro-targeting, DTC messaging, and sub-national add purchase budgets.”
– Director of Analytics,
Top 20 Biopharmaceutical Manufacturer

It’s complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s talk about how Medicx can help your brand reach the right patients earlier in the patient journey.

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