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Now that you know your audience preferences and where they are with greater certainty, you can execute your highly targeted campaign with stronger engagement at critical touch points of the patient journey. With Medicx, you can improve messaging patients and customers with relevancy and timeliness on finely tuned digital touch points. 


Traditional & Emerging Channels

Engage directly with target audience consumers leveraging real-world data and lasting emotional connections. Direct to Consumer (DTC) & Healthcare Practitioner (HCP). Channels include:

  • Self-service 
  • Digital including Display, Video, Native & Audio 
  • CTV/OTT 
  • ATV 
  • DOOH 
  • Social

The most clinically specific geo-targeted audiences at your fingertips available in days not weeks.


Permission-Based “Noise Cancelling” Audiences

Our audiences deliver impact with more traditional outreach tactics including Email and Direct Mail for consumers & HCPs.

  • Communicate directly with patients who opted-in to receive information specific to health and wellness.
  • Reach high-quality opt-in targets that are further validated by Medicx using real-world medical evidence (Dx, Rx).
  • Re-enforce your brand message delivered through other channels and give your audience surround sound messaging.


Why go analog when you can go surround sound with TV?


Medicx’s access to US households subscribing to Ad-supported CTV services.


The number of adults over 55 who have subscribed to live streaming services.

Connected Television (CTV)

While there’s value in linear TV, you might not realize the extent to which you’re missing out on signals by foregoing OTT. Benefit from rich data and statistics to inform optimizations. 

With Medicx, you’ll have access to 120M+ US households subscribing to Ad-Supported CTV services 

Reach elusive audiences:

  • Those moving away from traditional cable
  • Those not effectively exposed on linear or addressable TV


Addressable Television (ATV)

  • 45M+ addressable households (HH) across the US are available to target through our multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) partnerships.
  • Reach patients on TV, where many of your cohorts still spend time.
  • Through addressable, focus on most relevant HHs for your patients no matter what they are watching. No guessing needed, the Medicx team knows with certainty.


“Madhive designed our industry-leading OTT product to simplify programmatic advertising while providing transparency and privacy protection at every step. We are excited to partner with Medicx to set a new standard in medical advertising."

It’s complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s talk about how Medicx can help activate your high performing campaigns.

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