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Your mission is brand impact. Our mission is to make that happen. With so many competing messages in the market you need to focus on the patients who can benefit most — earlier in their healthcare journey. Let’s get started on a great plan.

Deterministic Audience Segments

With cookie-based targeting fast becoming obsolete, expensive to scale, and unable to reach all channels such as social OTT, it’s time to future-proof your targeting strategy.

Medicx prepares audience segments using our patented deterministic process, Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting (MNT) that zeroes in on consumers by condition prevalence down to a hyper-local cluster. Our proven ability to select medical criteria — from broad chronic diseases to rare cancers — keeps you at a competitive advantage all while addressing existing and emerging privacy regulations, state by state.


Audience Profiling

Sophisticated analytics yield a better understanding of the similarities and differences between the cohorts. This guides improved creative development, DTC targeting, and the ability to influence HCP considerations. 

Medicx delivers a holistic audience view driving engagement across strategic touch points of the patient journey. Criteria includes:

  • Consumer: Patient demographics, consumer preferences, diagnosis & treatment history, & SDOH
  • HCP: Practice characteristics, prescribing patterns, HCP as a consumer

Medicx remains your closed-loop partner in measuring & optimizing your ongoing success.  


Machine Learning Optimization

Audience needs range in options depending on your brand’s objectives. With our deterministic and advanced analytics & predictive capabilities, we can curate a custom profile to produce the most brand impact along the patient journey including: 

  • Symptomatic prior to diagnosis and more 
  • Awareness: Diagnosed & Symptomatic 
  • Competitive Conquesting: Diagnosed & Competitive Therapy 
  • Comorbidities 
  • Compliance/Adherence 
  • Product Switching 
  • Treatment Cycling



With the knowledge of who your brand eligible patients and treating physicians are, the segmentation exercise puts your audience in the best possible context for creative, optimal channel engagement, and more. A full perspective is delivered across:

  • Demographics
  • Lifestyle
  • Media Preferences
  • Health & Wellness
  • Treatments Received 
  • Comorbid Diagnosis
  • Concomitant Medications


“Huge thank you for always answering lengthy, complex, and time-sensitive questions. You’ve always been there to support our team and while Medicx segments perform amazing, it’s been your team and the customer service that has kept us coming back.”
– Senior Director of Analytics,
Top 20 Biopharmaceutical Company

It’s complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s talk about how Medicx can help plan your best campaign.

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