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With this strategic union, we can now offer enhanced HCP engagement essential to omnichannel planning, execution and measurement. Medicx brings unrivaled consumer programmatic marketing solutions to the union, where OptimizeRx has sophisticated solutions targeting HCPs — the ideal strengths for omnichannel success.

Life Sciences

Connect HCPs with brand eligible patients along critical touch points of the healthcare journey.

Healthcare Providers

Timely engage with HCPs in more than 500 EHR systems during vital treatment decisions.


Empower patients with valuable & timely information to be active participants in the healthcare journey.


DAAP (Dynamic Audience Activation) for HCP Engagement

Some HCP marketing approaches use AI, some feature direct messaging, and some rely on large networks — but only DAAP combines all of these into powerful, agile modules that solve pressing, everyday challenges such as brand awareness, adherence, access, and onboarding hard-to-find patients.

DAAP is a patent-pending, proprietary AI HCP engagement platform using machine learning to integrate real- time, real-world data across EHR, social, and display channels. We deliver personalized, highly relevant brand information — not generic marketing — to HCPs at the right time, place and channel.



With MX#, Pharma Brand Marketers Benefit From:

Privacy Safe Compliance

  • Reliable, privacy-safe consumer, patient, and HCP data

Better Performance Measurement

  • Industry-leading match rates across touchpoints to improve performance measurement

Increased Campaign Scalability

  • High-fidelity deterministic data that increases campaign scalability and confidence

Ongoing Brand Optimization

  • Breadth and depth of patient and HCP insights

Emerging Media Performance

  • Proven performance for cookieless media

Enhanced Targeting Coverage

  • Increased access to patients and HCPs using iOS Safari, Firefox & MS Edge


With DAAP, pharma brand marketers benefit from:

Powerful AI

Only DAAP artificial intelligence (AI)
supports omnichannel, next-best-action marketing

Solution Modules

Find and onboard hard to reach patients through integrated next-best actions

Clinically Relevant Content

Serve personalized, highly relevant information – not generic ads – for HCP engagement

Diverse Channel Integration

We put your brand everywhere at the best moments

Proprietary Technology

Exclusivity helps preserve your competitive advantage in the market

Comprehensive Reporting

Transparent reporting by NPI and engagement per channel, brand website traffic by account, and third-party impact analyses

Our acquisition of Medicx is expected to be a major business accelerator for us as it encompasses all three of our growth drivers: expanding our audience, introducing new solutions, significantly opening client penetration and growth opportunities. Moreover, Medicx has a very healthy financial profile and we believe this acquisition will be transformative to our growth and profitability.
— Will Febbo,
Chief Executive Officer, OptimizeRx
Coupling consumer and HCP marketing strategies is a natural next step for many of our customers. By being first to build out the connections, OptimizeRx is able to bring our customers two highly complementary solution sets on a single platform. We see an immediate opportunity with embedded customers of both organizations to benefit from the synergies we bring to the market as a combined collective of patient-centric marketing solutions.
— Steve Silvestro,
President, OptimizeRx
"I'm extremely proud of the leading patient-focused omnichannel platform the Medicx team has built, and believe our robust IP, data, and analytics capabilities will unlock significant customer value when coupled with OptimizeRx's DAAP technologies and its industry-leading HCP reach."
– Michael Weintraub,
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Medicx
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