Bring greater clarity to omnichannel measurement & decision making. Channel by channel. Partner by Partner.

Uncover insights that drive better engagement & treatment impact.

With cookie deprecation, measuring advertising campaigns can become more challenging. As little as 8-15% of original impressions served are measurable. This can lead to missed opportunities to accurately optimize campaigns, as well as wasted advertising spend, and poor ROI.  Awareness and engagement can be compromised, resulting in fewer patients diagnosed and receiving the treatment they need.


Reach the right qualified consumers and healthcare practitioners

To effectively promote and raise awareness, it is important to target the right consumers for your brand. Focusing on qualified consumers avoids waste and helps to maximize budgets. Understanding your qualified audience allows you to optimize your campaign strategies and choose the most impactful partners, channels, and other tactics for reaching them.


Cross-channel optimization strategy for data driven decisions

Cross channel modeling reveals the relative impact & importance of channels, partners & other campaign elements for consumers or HCPs exposed to a campaign. Modeling empowers you to make optimal adjustment of investments, customize messages & content along the diagnostic & treatment journey and adjust audiences and re-targeting for sequential actions through different channels/tactics to unfold the most appealing and engaging content. Cross channel attribution analysis & scenario planning will provide the inputs to personalize multi-channel marketing campaigns at scale, leading to increased engagement, customer satisfaction and longer lifetime value.


Our difference

  • Robust closed and open panel claims + consumer data assets in-house, with more than 240MM patients <18 years-old
  • Reliably adjust channels, partners, and even tactics with more impressions linked to healthcare claims for better healthcare outcome measurements.
  • Timely campaign performance and ROI evaluation, especially for smaller rare disease and oncology markets
  • Experienced teams, leading technology to understand your audiences, measure, and optimize campaigns.


“It was a pleasure working with the Medicx team. The resulting models produced excellent F1 and AUC scores that supported the robustness of our process, approach and modeling choices. The outcomes will direct micro-targeting, DTC messaging, and sub-national add purchase budgets.”
— Director of Analytics, Top 20 Biopharmaceutical Company

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