Effective: September 1, 2021

Revised: June 16, 2023


Medicx Health provides innovative data driven technology solutions, proprietary data, and predictive analytics to plan, execute and measure marketing performance of our pharmaceutical and healthcare clients.

Founded in 2006, the company has been providing neighborhood-level disease prevalence benchmarks and other insights using analytics derived from de-identified real-world health, consumer, and online data. Medicx Health manages its data with patient and consumer privacy always as our number one priority. We have built these protections into our core business strategy using a proprietary Privacy by Design methodology that allows us to use our data to plan, execute and measure marketing campaigns across channels for US-based life science and healthcare companies.


Medicx Health does not collect or maintain PII or PHI on any patients or individuals. We utilize 3rd party HIPAA compliant de-identification software partners and HIPAA compliant data from third party data aggregators to remove any personally identifiable information from consumer and patient records before Medicx takes receipt of the data. Furthermore, the resulting de-identified data and/or aggregated datasets undergo an “expert determination” annually by third-party statisticians experienced in conducting HIPAA-related privacy analyses to assess any re-identification risks as is relates to the use of the data for planning and analytics, audience segment targeting, execution and measurement of our clients marketing campaigns. This evaluation is known as a Risk Re-Identification Determination (RRID) Assessment or Expert Determination wherein reviewers rely on the statistical de-identification provision of the Federal HIPAA law, in which a covered entity may determine that health information is not individually identifiable. This methodology is globally recognized and complies with accepted U.S. standards and guidelines, including The Health and Medicine Division (HMD) of the National Academies of Sciences and the Health Information Trust Alliance. This exacting review is performed annually, ensuring that Medicx data is de-identified properly, is defensible, and is compliant with all existing state and Federal laws.


The Micro-Neighborhood data encompasses a rolling 36-month aggregate view of de-identified medical and prescription claims aggregated into U.S. postal ZIP codes. This data enables Medicx to identify and profile hyperlocal neighborhoods with evidence of treatments, diagnoses, procedures, consumer behaviors, preferences, and attitudes. Medicx utilizes safe harbor third parties to match and append DII (device identifiable information) data, including IP addresses as well as cookies and device IDs to a hyperlocal neighborhood and pass it to our demand side platforms.

The Micro-Neighborhood data undergoes an annual Risk Re-identification Determination Assessment and these data have been certified as HIPAA compliant.


AdLift Rx was developed using innovative software, DPLD and consumer attribute data to help healthcare marketers anonymously identify in aggregated groups of patients who a marketing campaign reaches, what actions they take, and why they respond. To ensure these protections, all PII is de-identified using 3rd party HIPAA certified data de-identification software partners to remove any PII and replace with a unique privacy token before being transferred to Medicx. Using this partner, both the data provider and the data buyer must license data de-identification software to create and encrypt/decrypt the unique privacy tokens for transfer. The tokens then act as a matching link across all data assets that have been tokenized using the same partner. This tokenization process is applied to both our patient and consumer data assets, allowing Medicx to link the data sets together to help better understand the patient journey and how they act and behave as consumers.  By replacing all PII with encrypted privacy tokens, Medicx can link and track patients/consumers without ever knowing who they are.

AdLift Rx undergoes an annual Risk Re-identification Determination Assessment, and it has have been certified as HIPAA compliant.


Medicx Profiler was developed using innovative software, DPLD and consumer attribute data to provide data-driven insights and audience segmentations that helps our clients to better understand, connect, and engage with their patients as consumers in an anonymous manner. Medicx Profiler provides insight and clarity to our clients to improve planning, advertising creative effectiveness, improved messaging and more efficient media planning and buying.

Medicx Profiler undergoes an annual Risk Re-identification Determination Assessment and has been certified as HIPAA compliant.