Providing A Broad Range of Custom Analytics Insights

Custom Analytics Insights

Medicx can help you understand your market and plan for your brand by delivering bespoke analyses that provide specific, actionable insights on physician prescribing and patient treatment trends in your therapeutic category. This is all driven by our industry-leading anonymized patient level longitudinal data consisting of adjudicated medical and pharmacy prescription claims. We can also uncover why changes occur through Medicx’s consumer-level database with over 200 attributes, including demographics, lifestyles, psychographics and media preferences.

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Benefits of our Custom Analytic Insights

Patient Journey Analysis

Understand how patients in your category switch from first line to advanced therapies, or from competitors to your brand. See how long patients take to visit the specialists that drive these switches. Break down these patterns by diagnosis, consumer demographics, attitudes, or socioeconomics.

Adherence Studies

Reveal how long your new patients stay on therapy, critical in a crowded market or innovative category. Plus overlay over 200 consumer variables to profile what distinguishes persistent patients vs. those that abandon or switch.

Physician Referral Networks

Identify who are the specialists receiving the most referrals for exactly diagnoses and the patient treatment histories for which your brand is indicated.

Managed Care Impact Assessments

Analyze the impact of payer formulary status on uptake of your brands and competitors, including rejects, reversals, and copay response curves.