Deterministic Identity Resolution Without Cookies

Pharmaceutical marketers, and the agencies who serve them, are no strangers to the challenge of effectively targeting customers and brand eligible patients. With Google’s looming deprecation of cookies and Safari, Firefox and channels like CTV already removing cookies from the marketing equation, marketing professionals face a new, and perhaps greater challenge reaching their audiences. With the pressure to drive ROI on omnichannel marketing programs, it’s time to rethink Audience Quality (AQ) standards.

Introducing MX# — Identity Resolution Evolved.

MX# is a deterministic cookie-less identity resolution technology that’s ready to take your omnichannel marketing to the next level. Unlike probabilistic ID resolution options that rely on volumes of aggregated data or publisher opt-in requirements, MX# taps into our vast warehouse of consumer preference data and matches them to medical and prescription claims aggregated to hyper local geography groups based on our Micro-Neighborhood® patented targeting technology.

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Consistent identity, holistic audience data, and deterministic matching across devices

At Medicx, we’re not replacing cookies because we have to, we’re doing it because we’ve developed something far better. Medicx has been at the forefront of HCP and patient audience quality for more than a decade. We anticipated the need for more precise targeting as treatments became more precise and with MX# you get the quality, scale and matching your omnichannel marketing warrants.

Superior Audience Quality

Unlike the closest competitors, MX# expands reach and fidelity to the approximately 85% of online iOS devices, Safari and Firefox browser consumers that are currently blocked by the use of cookies.

Greater Scale

Results are enhanced with consistent ID across media, devices, data sets, and the ability for MX# to link different data sets and create a single identity. With larger scale available, Medicx can support the analysis of custom or unique cohort insights for further exploration.

Higher Fidelity Matching

Medicx provides full transparency regarding sample sizes and match rates, along with confidence intervals where applicable within our analytics platform, AdLift, or as a separate report.

HIPAA Compliant & Privacy Safe

Medicx partners with Datavant and uses only tokenized records which are linked to other anonymous tokenized records. We conduct annual expert determinations utilizing independent third parties to certify the lowest risk of reidentification.

Medicx differs by offering a significant improvement in reach and resolution to high value patients, including those with rare diseases and cancers, which creates larger pools for enhanced performance measurement, audience quality, script lift analysis, and ROI confidence.  

In addition, MX# is integrated with AdLift™, our analytics software that combines real-world evidence and the ability to measure a wide array of promotional channels. 

Read the Whitepaper: Reach Brand Eligible Patients Without Cookies

A stronger cookie-less identity resolution technology that’s ready to take your omnichannel marketing and analytics to the next level. Read why the time is now.


Medicx Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting Platform

Our patented, HIPAA-compliant targeting platform is the most granular, privacy-safe way to find YOUR target patients and HCPs by leveraging health data. This anonymized intelligence includes evidence-based data such as diagnoses, procedures, and prescriptions, as well as self-reported, and other data.

With Medicx, you reach hyperlocal areas where your patients and practitioners of interest are located, not merely a group of look-alikes who possibly have the condition of interest.



  • Regular third-party audit for risk re-identification determination assessments (RRID)
  • Data is managed in a closed, controlled environment
  • Access limited to personnel with extensive HIPAA and data security training

Exceptional Audience Quality

  • Optimize not only for online metrics, but also for audience quality
  • This metric is the natural outcome of our Micro-Neighborhood® targeting approach
  • Unique ability to identify true evidence of a health condition

Geography & Prevalence Based

  • 35M+ hyperlocal areas profiled across the U.S.
  • Define bespoke audience segments based on your brand’s objectives
  • Subject matter experts skilled in the applications of medical, procedure, and prescription codes to define custom audiences