Medicx Health receives additional patents reaffirming privacy-compliant and deterministic methodology to target advertising to patients for relevant therapeutics

Increasing scrutiny and limitations based on the many state consumer privacy protection regulations warrant proven and compliant methodologies across diverse and emerging digital media

Scottsdale, AZ — February 7, 2023 — Medicx Health has received official notice from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) of its second patent, number 11521746 to Founder & CEO, Michael Weintraub, demonstrating his foresight in the invention of technology and processes for the privacy-safe delivery of targeted advertising based on the prevalence of a healthcare condition in 35M+ hyper-local geographic areas across the United States.

The new patent claims define an inventive advance that involves targeting ads using a combination dataset that has both de-identified health data and consumer data, specifically by using aggregate statistics representing prevalence in a geographic identifier (such as a Zip+4 code) of a specified healthcare condition — all while ensuring that the ad-targeting data does not contain personally identifiable information that would permit re-identification of specific individuals in the geographic area who have the specific healthcare condition. Medicx’s system undergoes regular expert determinations to ensure ongoing HIPAA compliance.

“Medicx is widely recognized by life science commercial teams and media agencies as the gold standard for the customization of audience segments with a level of deterministic geo-specificity that no one else has been able to replicate,” commented Weintraub. “Micro-Neighborhood Targeting® has been a trusted and integral part of our solutions for over 15 years. Securing additional patents while being in compliance with the latest state regulations, including Washington, Virginia and California is of paramount importance to our clients.”

While many vendors in the industry rely on look-alike, contextualized, and modeled audiences to serve ads to potentially brand-eligible patients, Medicx works with safe harbor partners and employs our patented deterministic methods utilizing real-world medical evidence including a vast warehouse of open and closed medical claims, commercial and specialty prescription claims, as well an array of consumer attributes and social determinants of health to identify high indexing hyperlocal geographic areas for targeted advertising.

Remaining at the forefront of evolving technology, the company has also filed for patents around deterministic ID resolution technology furthering Medicx’s capacity to deliver clinical specificity, scale and interoperability to maximize campaign multi-touch attribution and optimize results.

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