Medicx Upgrades Offering to Target Healthcare Professionals

Updated offering provides advertisers with advanced targeting solutions that go beyond traditional endemic advertising

Scottsdale, AZ – May 28, 2020 – Today Medicx Media Solutions (, the leading analytics driven healthcare marketing solutions company, announced its upgraded capabilities to target healthcare practitioners (HCPs) at home or at work. This upgraded offering will allow life sciences and health brands to reach HCPs more effectively.

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Medicx’s offering provides clients with an extended reach of over 1.4M HCPs across 43 specialties. Medicx can target the HCPs that are most important to a brand – those on their target list. Leveraging their unique data assets, Medicx can also develop or supplement a brands’ list with other highly relevant HCPs, such as those diagnosing their condition or those in relevant specialties.

Medicx’s push to upgrade their offering comes during a time where virtual communication is higher than ever. For example, a brand could reach specialist HCPs with a high volume of telemedicine visits and deliver its message to this relevant and engaged group.

“COVID-19 has made it challenging for brands to get their message directly to their HCPs. Although many states are now allowing for elective procedures, sales reps won’t likely be able to visit physician offices any time soon. The new Medicx solution will give brands the ability to get their brand messages to relevant HCPs at work and at home,” said Eric Trepanier, EVP and GM of Medicx Media Solutions.

Along with the updated audience segmentation, Medicx has redeveloped its targeting approach, offering clients the ability to deliver their message to HCPs across multiple channels, including digital and email.

 About Medicx Media Solutions

Medicx Media Solutions ( provides neighborhood-level prevalence benchmarks and other insights using analytics around real-world health data and self-reported consumer data to improve intelligence and performance for life sciences and health companies in the U.S. Medicx ensures patient privacy protections through a risk re-identification determination assessment (RRID) that is performed pursuant to the HIPAA Privacy Rule Expert Determination standard to determine that, in the given data use and disclosure context, there is little to no risk of re-identification of an individual from the data. Through its proprietary geography-based and patented segmentation methodology, Medicx benchmarks nearly 35MM neighborhoods across the U.S. by analyzing large volumes of real-world data. The outcome is an unmatched method of locating and engaging the right audiences in a privacy-safe manner and the delivery of strong audience quality and return on investment (ROI).

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