Medicx Health Launches MX# as Solution to 3rd Party Cookie Deprecation

New offering will allow clients to reach patients in a cookieless world

Scottsdale, AZ – July 19, 2022 – Today, Medicx Health is launching MX#, a new, unique and proprietary solution addressing the deprecation of 3rd party cookies for the healthcare advertising industry. After extensive testing, Medicx and its technology partner can deliver cookieless identifiers for media campaign activation and measurement.

MX# is built around a proven technology that has been in the market for ten years.  The patented solution leverages integrated data sources including an IP address-based technology that has been the leading alternative to cookie-based targeting. Medicx’s solution uses other identifiers, such as IP addresses and device IDs to completely eliminate the need for cookie dependencies.

As part of Medicx’s commitment to privacy, MX# maintains privacy and compliance by using third-party safe harbor partners and is in the process of obtaining expert determination[1] to minimize risk of reidentification.

“Over the past two years, we have been exploring and testing multiple cookieless alternatives for our Micro-Neighborhood® targeting Platform and our AdLift RxTM media campaign measurement products to find a solution that worked for our clients.” Said Frank Hicks, EVP of Product Strategy, Partnerships, and Special Projects. “Through MX#, we have seen significant gains in targetable individuals and in post campaign exposure match rates to patient level tokens, providing high confidence in both campaign execution and performance measurement.”

MX# integrates across publishers, data providers, media agencies, and delivery platforms and is currently available as managed-service and self-service offerings through Medicx Health and will soon be available for the industry-leading AdLift RxTM campaign measurement solution.

About Medicx Health

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Rosario Mireles

[1] ¹A re-identification risk determination will be performed pursuant to the HIPAA Privacy Rule Expert Determination standard and the determination will conclude that, in the given data use and disclosure context, the risk of re-identification will be very small