Medicx’s Micro-Neighborhood® Database Comports with the MHMDA & Other Emerging State Regulations

Medicx Health’s Founder & CEO, Michael D. Weintraub, writes an open letter discussing the My Health, My Data Act as well as other emerging regulations and how it relates to Medicx’s Micro-Neighborhood® platform.

Back in January of 2023, the My Health, My Data Act (MHMDA) was introduced by the State of Washington to create additional protections of personal information for an individual’s health conditions or their seeking to obtain health care services. MHMDA is an effort to fill a hole for health data collected by non-HIPAA covered entities, including certain apps and websites. Justifiably, the emerging privacy, consent-driven policies continue to be top-of-mind for you, our clients, and healthcare marketers whose goal it is to reach brand eligible patients without jeopardizing HIPAA or rigorous privacy regulations.

Medicx has been in the business of supporting media agencies and pharmaceutical manufacturers with data, analytics and omnichannel marketing solutions to target patients for medical marketing since 2006. Medicx audiences continue to be available in all states. The company holds 2 patents reaffirming Medicx’s HIPAA, privacy-compliant and deterministic methodology to target advertising to patients for relevant therapeutics. The Micro-Neighborhood database and proprietary targeting approach also comports with all states including Colorado, Connecticut, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Virginia.

As it relates to MHMDA:

  • Medicx’s Micro-Neighborhood Database is designed to avoid identification of any specific individual whose health data was present in the data sources from which the Database was derived and aggregated into hyper local clusters for geo-targeting.
  • The Micro-Neighborhood Database has been certified as compliant with the deidentification provisions of HIPAA.
  • The MHMDA explicitly exempts such deidentified data from the scope of the MHMD Act.
  • As a result, the MHMDA does not govern the use of the Micro-Neighborhood Database or related services in Washington state.

As the data privacy landscape evolves, Medicx is committed to the ethical use of data and the privacy and safety of medical information. We continue to stay ahead of regulations, state by state, that may impact our business or those of our customers.


Michael Weintraub

Michael D. Weintraub
Founder & CEO
Medicx Health

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