Medicx 101: Targeting HCPs at Home and at Work

In the first installment of our Medicx 101 series, we covered how we found your target healthcare professionals (HCPs) using our data and insights. While it is critical to know which HCPs to target, it is equally as important to know how and where to target them.

Since the start of COVID, habits have been changing, and HCPs have been forced to shift their business to a more online-focused platform. With HCPs being more cautious about who can enter their practice, interaction with sales reps has changed significantly, with 65% of meetings being held virtually. And with the uncertainty of the pandemic, it seems this shift is here to stay. Eighty-seven percent of surveyed HCPs reported wanting either all virtual or a mix of virtual and in-person meetings even after the pandemic ends1. This lack of face-to-face interaction makes it harder for pharmaceutical companies to build relationships with their HCPs, making more important, now than ever, to cultivate that relationship through online means.

According to The Digital Savvy HCP Survey, the top 3 digital channels used by HCPs for the latest industry information are medical journals, websites and direct emails. Medicx has developed a suite of product offerings that address the needs and preferences of HCPs. We offer targeting solutions via digital display, email and direct mail.

Digital Display

Through our digital targeting, HCPs are exposed to your ad while online visiting non-endemic sites, like consumer sites. By targeting HCPs on non-endemic sites, we avoid the ad clutter that is often seen on endemic sites, providing your brand with a better chance of being seen and well received.

Medicx offers three avenues of digital targeting to best fit you and your brand’s needs.

HCP Direct

With Medicx HCP Direct, you can reach your HCPs 1:1 wherever they are. We do this by utilizing various identifiers, such as, device IDs and IP addresses to target HCPs at their home and office locations. This 1:1 approach allows you reach your HCPs directly and creates persistent exposure, allowing you to reinforce your brand message.

With HCP Direct, Medicx can report on the proportion of the desired targets reached with your message.  This allows you to ensure that your message is getting to the right HCPs without incurring unnecessary waste.

GeoLocal Targeting

Like many of us, HCPs spend time outside of work, whether it’s going to the gym, grabbing lunch at their favorite spot, or spending time doing things they love. Our GeoLocal Targeting approach, allows you to reach HCPs at these locations. By targeting the hyperlocal area where your HCPs are, we ensure that your message reaches HCPs wherever they go.

Since they are not at their office 24/7, it becomes important to reach them at places outside of work. Most of their time spent in the office is spent attending to patients or other matters. By implementing this approach of targeting HCPs outside of work, we provide an opportunity to reach your target when they are in a relaxed environment and actively engaging with content online.

By pairing our targeting approach of HCP Direct and GeoLocal, Medicx can maximize your reach and ensure HCPs receive your message.

GeoMedical Targeting®

During some appointments, there are many medical staff who may interact with the patient before the doctor sees them. In fact, in some cases, patients don’t even see a doctor, but rather are treated or seen by physician assistant (PA) or nurse practitioner (NP). There are even administrative assistants and nurses who can potentially influence a prescribing decision. In some cases, treatments are prescribed by either a physician assistant or nurse practitioner, with the supervising doctor’s sign-off, making them the decision maker in what the patient receives. In these instances, it is important that those decision makers and influencers are exposed to your brand. With our GeoMedical Targeting®, we deploy targeting around medical facilities to ensure that those staff in the doctor’s offices also receive your brand message, increasing your reach.

In addition to targeting medical facilities, our GeoMedical Targeting® also gives you the opportunity to target conferences relevant to your condition and HCPs, which will be valuable as we get past COVID-19 and in-person meetings resume. By targeting the areas around the conference, your brand message will reach HCPs who are in a receptive mindset and will help reinforce your brand as a key player in the therapeutic area.

Email and Direct Mail

In additional to our HCP Direct offering, Medicx also offers two additional 1:1 targeting channels: email and direct mail.

With email and direct mail, your message is delivered right into the hands of your intended HCP, maximizing your budget and reach. With our offering, you can segment your HCP audience to create customized messaging so that your HCP receives messaging that is relevant to them and their patients.

Medicx’s full suite of targeting products makes it easier to reach HCPs at any time and at any place.

A Word on HCP Privacy and User-Level Reporting

With programmatic targeting, an HCP is being targeted as a consumer, which means she is protected by HIPAA and other privacy laws. This is the reason that only aggregate level reporting is available with our HCP Direct product.

Some vendors of HCP programmatic solutions may say they can provide HCP-level reporting of engagement (e.g., NPI 1234 received an impression on a certain date/time). If they do, we encourage you to ask them one question: “Can you provide documentation on how HCPs opt-in to have you deliver this 1:1 reporting?” If they are not a site with a registration process (and associated privacy policy), we believe they may not have permission from the HCPs to provide you with their data.

Stay tuned for the next part of our Medicx 101 series, where we will take you through how we target your patients at scale and across channels.