Medicx Health Announces New Valuable Offerings for 2023 Campaign Execution

Healthcare marketers will benefit from cookieless execution through AIDRx, and can get audience quality guarantees and unique campaign insights through AdLift Rx

Scottsdale, AZ – August 9, 2022 – Healthcare marketers are actively planning for 2023. Medicx Health is providing unique and valuable options for campaign execution in its 2023 proposals. Advertisers will be able to execute campaigns using Medicx Health’s proprietary cookieless AIDRx technology, with an audience quality guarantee, and/or the inclusion of AdLift Rx for unique campaign insights to maximize the value of their marketing investment. Each of these are detailed below.

First, one of the biggest challenges the industry is facing is the removal of 3rd party cookies by 2024. Medicx recently announced the launch of Advanced ID Resolution (AIDRx) to give healthcare marketers the option for cookieless campaign execution and the peace of mind that comes with it. For 2023 campaigns, advertisers will benefit from this cookieless AIDRx approach, unless they prefer to use the traditional cookie-based process.

Second, Medicx will provide audience quality (AQ) guarantees to clients that want them, measured by their vendor of choice. The unique patented audience development approach of Micro-Neighborhood® targeting provides the unparalleled ability to reach a brand’s specific target patients. Medicx is able to guarantee either AQ or the cost per diagnosed patient reached based on very high confidence that it can reach those patients. Marketers can therefore have more certainty that their brand message is reaching their target patients efficiently to drive a greater return on their marketing investment.

Third, Medicx is including unique campaign insights from AdLift Rx™ for certain managed service campaigns. These insights include an understanding of who their campaign is reaching (e.g., AQ), what actions they take (e.g., visit a specialist, get Rx for brand), and why they take those actions (e.g., demographics, media channel preferences). This information can be used to optimize campaigns to maximize the return on investment for the advertising brand. No other vendors provide the extent of insights delivered by AdLift Rx.

“Medicx is taking a leadership position in cookieless campaign execution and will deliver strong value to brands, by guaranteeing AQ and delivering unique campaign insights through AdLift Rx” said Eric Trepanier, EVP & GM of Medicx Health. “All of this value is included in the standard campaign package, at no additional cost. Marketers can only find this complete suite of offerings by working with Medicx.”

For more details on how these 2023 offerings apply to you and your brand, reach out to your Medicx client partner or through our website at

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