Medicx Health Announces Successful Completion of HIPAA Expert Determination for AdLift Rx

Expert determination conducted for its measurement analytics platform

Scottsdale, AZ – October 20, 2021 – Today, Medicx Health announces the successful completion of its 2021 HIPAA Expert Determination for its campaign measurement platform, AdLift Rx. This expert determination evaluates the data assets, process and deliverables used in its SaaS measurement platform and confirms it is compliant with all privacy laws, including HIPAA, and that the risk of patient re-identification is statistically insignificant.

The expert determination process harnesses the established expertise of privacy auditors and assesses any re-identification risks associated with Medicx’s de-identified data sets, which are used within the AdLift Rx measurement platform. Earlier this year, Medicx completed its 6th expert determination for its Micro-Neighborhood® data and segmentation platform.

Expert determinations are performed and documented by third-party statisticians experienced in conducting HIPAA-related data privacy analyses. Reviewers rely on the statistical de-identification provision of the law, in which a covered entity may determine that health information is not individually identifiable. This methodology is globally recognized and complies with accepted U.S. standards and guidelines, including The Health and Medicine Division (HMD) of the National Academies of Sciences and the Health Information Trust Alliance.

 “Privacy is a top priority at Medicx. We use the most rigorous method possible – expert determination – to ensure we are compliant with HIPAA and all privacy laws. This makes us, and our clients, feel safe and very confident in using our unique offerings,” said Michael Weintraub, CEO of Medicx Health.

The completion of this additional assessment of its AdLift Rx measurement platform further strengthens Medicx’s commitment to protecting patient privacy. This review is performed on an annual basis to ensure continued compliance with all state and Federal laws.

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