Medicx Media Solutions Issued First U.S. Patent

New patent underscores Medicx Media’s one-of-a-kind and proprietary hyper-local Micro-Neighborhood® geographic-based targeting approach

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – April 17, 2019 – Medicx Media Solutions (, the leading U.S. data-driven healthcare media analytics company, today announced the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 10,262,761 to Founder & CEO Michael Weintraub for his technical invention of the apparatus and methods for the delivery of advertising based on the prevalence of a healthcare condition in hyper-local geographic areas across the U.S.

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The patent relates to the company’s Micro-Neighborhood® targeting platform that includes:

  • The computerized selection of a hyper-local geographic area based on the existence of a specific healthcare condition of interest within that geographic area.
  • The accessing of real-world evidence-based, aggregated and de-identified data encompassing diagnoses, procedures, prescriptions, self-reported and other data to maintain legally required thresholds for patient privacy under the federal HIPAA laws.
  • The delivery of the advertising messages within the identified geographic areas to a consumer device based on its IP address, device ID and cookie.

“After more than ten years of continued success, recognition on this level further confirms the uniqueness, relevance and power of the Medicx Micro-Neighborhood® targeting platform. This patent proves that the granularity of our data and the ability to customize our audience segments with near precision, in a HIPAA compliant manner, delivers far more efficient and effective campaign outcomes with stronger ROI. That is why we are the market leaders,” said Medicx Founder & CEO Michael Weintraub.

About Medicx Media Solutions
Medicx Media Solutions ( is the premier data-driven healthcare media analytics company that sets the standard for hyper-locally targeted multichannel marketing and media campaigns with a focus on life sciences and other health-related brands. Through a patented analytical and HIPAA-compliant1 Micro-Neighborhood® targeting approach, Medicx creates hyper-local, multichannel marketing and media campaigns. Medicx tracks 35MM+ Micro-Neighborhoods®, encompassing 240MM+ adult patients and over 4MM healthcare practitioners. The result is an unmatched method of locating and engaging the right audiences across multiple platforms and channels resulting in more efficient and effective use of our client’s media dollars, higher audience quality and compelling ROIs.

1A re-identification risk determination was performed pursuant to the HIPAA Privacy Rule Expert Determination standard and the determination concluded that, in the given data use and disclosure context, the risk of re-identification was very small.